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9月 14th
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9月 9th
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blank space press is back

vispo ay ai ay by volodymyr bilyk

wonderboy by jeff darge

texases by wyatt sparks

9.11 by patrick trotti

julian and the battle against god by julian paro

9月 8th
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9月 5th
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I’m making a new book

I’m making a new book

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9月 4th
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9月 4th
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9月 3rd
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TCS Vigil August 26th 

A skinned head falls onto the pavement while being transferred from the “Ryding Regency” bovine killing facility to a rendering truck, in full view and smelling distance of the doomed cows in the holding pens torturously awaiting their deaths. It is dyed blue meaning that it is unfit for consumption by anyone (not even other farmed animals, which is what such parts are usually used for, despite the fact that most of these animals would naturally be herbivorous). Often this is what happens to the parts of cows that were sick upon arrival to the slaughterhouse, and more often than not, these sick cows are ‘spent’ dairy cows, whose bodies, after years of forced pregnancy, extreme emotional distress, poor diets, bodily mutilations, and filthy environments are very worn down at best, and ill and/or crippled at worst. To learn more about the disturbing truths of the dairy industry please click here, here, and here.

This was a gruesome reminder of what happens to the cows after we see them in the transport trucks, gently pet their noses and sometimes receive their kisses, and share with them our love. Dreadfully, due to religious guidelines, the vast majority of cows at both “Ryding Regency” and “St. Helen’s Meatpackers” are forced, through the use of electric prods which are purposely stuck in their more sensitive areas (such as their genitals). into the slaughterhouse where they have their necks cut in a sawing motion while fully concious and aware. Sometimes, the windpipe will be ripped out at this point, even though this is not something that is supposed to be done. The cows are then skinned and dismembered, and horrifically, some are even still conscious when this happens due to the increased pressure for faster kill-lines. This is also dangerous for and leads to abuse of the workers, and indeed we have heard of unacceptable instances of injury, leading to an environment where a severed finger is considered to be a regular occurance. There is absolutely nothing ‘humane’ or ‘peaceful’ about what happens in slaughterhouses, no matter what the industry says. 

If you want to take a stand against such appalling cruelty against both nonhuman and human persons, choose veganism today and speak out on their behalf. 

Learn about Toronto Cow Save and please join our vigils.

Photo credit to Agnes Cseke, Hannah Gregus, and Anita Krajnc. Please note that while the portraits of the cows were taken during summer 2014 vigils, they were not taken on this day.


8月 30th
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増殖型構造体140705 (Growth-type structure 140705) by doumyakutosi


増殖型構造体140705 (Growth-type structure 140705) by doumyakutosi


8月 29th
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10:29 pm

Trying to compile a list of the scariest music projects.

So far (no order):

The Axis of Perdition, Endless Dismal Moan, Blut aus Nord, Diagnose Lebengefahr, Silencer, Portal, Stallagh, Wold, Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik

what else

probably some dark ambient LLN projects?

8月 27th
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